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We cover two areas of concern; tractor fires, and hay barn fires. Tractor fires can have many causes, including faulty wiring, bird nests and diesel spillage. Hay barn fires are often caused by baling damp hay and storing it without adequate ventilation, damp hay heats up to a point where it internal combustion starts a fire. Prevention is better than cure, so become familiar with a checklist of suggested tasks that will act as preventative measures.

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Quality hay and silage MAKING

To make quality hay and silage, you need to do the basics right. Firstly and most importantly, have a high quality pasture /crop that you are making hay/silage out of. The old saying “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear” holds very true. If the quality of the raw material is not there, you can’t improve it by bailing it/wrapping it up. Mow the pasture/crop after midday, as this allows the carbohydrate content to maximise after waning overnight

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Safety on Farms and Rural properties has been making news headlines recently with resulting serious injury or even death occurring. The following article gives a brief overview of how we can start to address this serious issue. On Farm safety is the responsibility of every person involved in or visiting farm properties. We list factors that influence the likelihood of injury or harm occurring for consideration on your own property. 

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Do you have a Farming Business Continuity Plan? When sudden adverse events happen that will affect your farming business (such as flooding; storms; earthquakes; power outages; death of key personal, etc.), do you or your business partners have a plan of what to do to get through?

Here we discuss some ideas on formalising a plan so all affected parties are aware of who to contact; what needs to be done to keep your business going. Your ideas/comments on this are welcome.

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runoff is designed to gather and share information on all aspects of Rural and farming life.

All advice is vetted by Facilitator, Steve Karl, who has vast experience, qualifications and associations with the farming community.

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About Us is designed to gather and share information on all aspects of rural and farming life. As an information hub, we offer specific advice covering a range of topics.

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